Fence Accessories

Fencing Accessories

Fencing accessories that are perfect for all seasons and cost less money than the traditional concrete method.


• Concreting 9ft vinyl posts is a thing of the past!
• High impact install method that rips up a client’s yard
• Costly materials such as concrete and a skid steer
• Labour intensive process to dig holes, mix concrete, set posts and wait to cure
• Labour intensive clean up
• Unforgiving and very difficult to remove
• What happens if a vinyl posts breaks or is not installed level?
• Costly repairs and higher call backs

• No concrete! Drive pipe and use our self-level collars to mount your vinyl posts
• Fastest install method on the market with up to 180ft of fence in one day
• Costs less money than the traditional concrete method
• Save on vinyl with a 6ft post instead of a 9ft
• More accurate than a 2 piece collar design
• Allows for a more forgiving install where adjustments are easy after the fact
• The complete system can be taken apart if need be
• Less frost heave compared to concrete


• Keeper screws put to much stress is on a single point of the post
• Wears against the post over time
• Can cause the vinyl post to possibly crack
• Increased warranty work and call backs
• Weaker overall fence system

• Distributes any stresses around the post instead of one single point
• No wearing against sides of post
• Secures and connects the top rails inside the vinyl post
• Increases the strength of the entire fence system
• Less call backs and happier customers
• Provides a complete and professional job
• Build a stronger fence then your competitors

gate accessories

Gate Latch
Protect your children and pets from going into the driveway or street and keep curious strangers from walking inside the gate. These are latches that you can easily attach with a padlock for additional security.

For the self-closing hinges:

The most common application for self-closing hinges is to block pets and children from sneaking through open gates that have been accidentally left slightly open or to stop strangers from roaming into your yard.

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